Topic outline

  • is a project that is and has been led by the calling of the Holy Spirit. We feel called to a vision to create a fully immersible Online university-like experience.

    PursuingHim Core values/fundamentals are:

    1.  We Love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    2.  We Love other Christians.
    3.  We Love non-Christians.
    4.  We Love the Word of God.

    Love is central to everything we do. We want this to be an environment where people can grow in Christ; where spirited debate takes place, where his people can come to ask questions and wrestle with the more difficult aspects of Faith. will be focused on Bible, Christ centered teachings as such people of many different denominations will find the courses included useful. However, depending on the course level and difficulty debate about central key issues will not occur in the forums or chats.

    The ultimate goal is to minister onto others, and have others minister onto us, for the Holy Spirit to influence, edify, and grow each one of us. 

    We look forward on embarking on this spiritual, educational Journey with you.

    In Love,