Co-Founder - Patrick Willy

Hello, I am Patrick Willy (the one with the beard) the co-founder and developer for
I was born and raised in Saint Paul Minnesota to a loving Catholic family. I went through the sacraments as a child all the way through my confirmation but did not consider to have a personal deep relationship with God throughout my youth. This was not due to a problem with Catholicism, but a problem with me. As a child I was a little bit of a rascal and was not unfamiliar with getting into a little bit of trouble, but nothing that was too overwhelming (though my parents may disagree). I liked shooting, hunting, fishing, being outdoors was when I was most comfortable. Being Irish and growing up in a family with 5 brothers and sisters I was not afraid to "throw hands" and may have even been a little to eager to do so at times. But, for the most part I was an all around good kid. 

My childhood was much like many others, almost predictable up until my early teen years where I did a little more then rebel. I want go into many details here but lets just say and assume any terrible thing you can think of, I more then likely did. My behavior got so out of control that a not so insignificant part of my teen years I was in psychiatric facilities and court-ordered to take anti-psychotic medications. Severe depression and rapidly cycling bi-polar disorder of the worst kind plagued me for a very long time.

I had all but dropped out of High School, and still don't quite know how I got my Diploma, except by some divine movements, and my Father's relentless pursuit of making sure that the district recognized that I graduated. I can't even remember the name of the alternative school that ended up on my diploma. Regardless, as I approached the end of what would be my senior year, (I didn't attend school either my junior or senior year) the realization that I was a miscreant and had no real future the way I was going was haunting me.  My best friend in HighSchool was going into the Marine Corps, and since I wasn't going to be getting into college, or get a good job, the prospect of the military intrigue me. I lied about my medical, and mental history and got into the Marine Corps.

Shipped off to boot camp in July of 2003 as a communications recruit, went through boot camp, combat training, and school and was assigned to my first duty station of Okinawa Japan. I did great in the Marine Corps routinely getting promoted, and recognitions. I was without a doubt during my whole military career a functioning alcoholic. I drank like I was trying to win a competition, I made other drunks feel bad for how much I drank. The first time I met my wife I was drunk, the first time I met her parents I was drunk, I was drunk alot. I wont regale you with the stories of my inebriated times in the military (as funny as some might be), but I think its important to know in order to understand my heart. All of my life I had a God-Sized whole in my heart and I was always trying to fill it with some earthly thing or desire.

Then, the best thing up until that time came into my life, in the fall of 2006 I saw the most beautiful olive skinned, dark haired, green eyed woman standing on a barracks breezeway. She had just returned from a 6 month deployment in Iraq and I had just gotten back from my 2 year deployment in the pacific, God put us both on Camp Pendleton at that time. It was a couple of weeks/months of pursuit, but I finally bamboozled her into dating me. My life hasn't been the same since, we were married in March of 2007, had our first daughter in August of 2007 and have been together and in Love for the last 12 years. Thats not to say that we haven't had our problems, especially early in our marriage, but in this world she is my best friend, the human with whom I love the most, the smile I cherish above all other smiles, the mind that brings me the most comfort, in the Bible when it talks about oneness in marriage, I can truly understand God's intentions thanks to my wife Jessica. Being a Husband and a Father is my highest calling, and God has blessed me with some of his best created people to fulfill that role for.

During the early Spring of 2019 I felt called to develop an online university like website where people could come and learn about the Bible, and is the result. As of this writing, there is still quite a bit of work to do, I haven't even started putting any curriculum together, just have been working on the platform. Between full-time job, 5 kids, karate practices, spending time with my wife, etc., it may be a bit of a stretch before the first course is available, and following courses being fully developed. My hope is that once everything has been templatized I will be able to put out new courses quarterly. 

The platform of has been completely developed on open-source software, mostly moodle and what to show my support and thanks to the moodle community for providing such a robust and versatile course management system.

Blessings to all of you,
Patrick Willy