Statement of Faith

We affirm that there are two categories of issues when it comes to the Christian Faith:

Closed handed issues:

Those issues in which there is no room for interpretation, compromise, or variation. (Christology, Soteriology etc..)

Open handed issues:

Those grey areas where the issue at hand is not a "heaven or hell" issue, and since open to dialogue. (Spiritual Gifts, Predestination etc..)

Close handed issues are welcome to be debated in some of the more higher level classes by students who are well versed in Scripture and hold to beliefs other then those presented in the following statement of faith. However, in some of the courses it will not be appropriate to question these fundamental beliefs as the primary goal of this site is to bring people closer to Christ, and young Christians have enough to learn in the basics without being challenged. Rudeness will never be tolerated. The instructor of the course will warn students if they are breaking our Code of Conduct, if the infractions persist the student will be banned from the page.

God is the uncaused cause:

  • God is eternally existing
  • God brought this universe into existence as told in Genesis 1:1
  • The entire cosmos was brought into being in a moment
  • The complexity of the universe and his general revelation in the natural world is imputed with the mark of the creator God

We believe in Jesus Christ

  • the eternally begotten
  • co-equal with the Father and the Spirit
  • Miraculously conceived by Mary
  • Jesus’ was fully man and fully God (hypostatic union)

 We believe in the trinity

  • The Father (Yahweh), the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Spirit (Holy Spirit) are 3 distinct people that create the one essence of God
  • The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are co-eternal and co-equal
  • All 3 persons possess all attributes of God, omniscience, omnipotence, omniscience, immutability, transcendence, perfectness, immanence, sovereignty, holiness, goodness, graciousness, impassibility, impeccability, incomprehensibility, Love etc…

 We believe that the Bible is the Holy Inerrant word of God

  • The entire Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit using Men
  • We believe in verbal plenary inspiration
  • Sola Scriptura or scripture alone is sufficient to work out one’s faith. Tradition is not necessary to know God. It is complete, true, and authoritative to the Christian believer.

 We believe that salvation comes by grace alone through faith alone

  • All of mankind is totally depraved and as such deserves eternal damnation
  • It is God’s unfailing love, the sacrifice of Jesus dying in our place, taking the punishment on himself, that the savior offers salvation to all that would put their faith in his death burial and resurrection.
  • Everyone will spend eternity in heaven or hell
  • The only one capable of forgiving sin is Jesus Christ.

We are to Love God and People

  • We are called to be imitators of Jesus Christ, that means that we are to Love people. That extends beyond those that are saved and that are our friends, we are to bless those who persecute us, and continue in Love even when interacting with our "enemies"

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