Founder - Jesus Christ

Autobiography of Jesus


Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Logos, the second Adam, Master, Rabbi, King of the Jews, and many more names Jesus has been called throughout the scriptures is the central and most prominent figure in Christianity, prominence so pronounced that his name is what the word  Christianity is derived from. Jesus Christ is eternal, having always existed with the father, he was there at the birth of our universe (John 1:1). All of the Bible is pointing towards him or revealing who He is and what He has done for us. All of is dedicated to pointing people towards this God/Man, by whom is the only way of salvation. Christology is a deep and involved study in which an entire course will eventually be devoted too.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem 3-10 B.C. , a city currently located in the central west bank of Palestine about 6.2 miles south of Jerusalem. He was born to a woman named Mary, a deeply devoted Jewish girl 12-16 yo. She was visited by the Angel Gabriel 9 months earlier explaining to her that she would be the mother of the Messiah as she would have learned of in her Temple lessons. Jesus grew up, actually growing in knowledge, for even though he was fully God he was also fully man, humbling himself, well possessing all the characteristics of God but not practicing all the characteristics of God. His earthly Father, Joseph, was a carpenter as such taught Jesus his trade. After His birth, Mary and Jesus had a normal marriage, in that they had more children. Jesus had many Brothers and Sisters which he loved.

At about 30 years of age Jesus started His divine ministry, starting with his Baptism by his cousin John the Baptizer at the river Jordan. A most miraculous event, where all 3 members of God revealed themselves, the Father roared from the heavens above his proclamation that Jesus was His son, the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus in the form of a dove, and Jesus being baptized by John, the one who paved His path for his upcoming ministry. Jesus' ministry lasted for approximately 3 years, in which he committed a great multitude of miracles, ministered onto tens of thousands, and preached a new message of salvation to a Jewish people that had once again been found in an apostate state.

The earthly ministry of Jesus culminated with His death, burial and resurrection. He came to a people who would not recognize him for who He was, the Messiah. As such he was accused of being a drunkard, thief, and the worst of all a blasphemer. Eventually the Sanhedrin feared the following that Jesus was accruing and set out to have him killed. They were successful, Jesus was flogged, beaten, had a thorn of crowns driven into his head, paraded through the streets of Jerusalem with the cross on his back from which he would soon hang. Jesus was killed for making his rightful claim that He was God. Taken down from the cross he was dead, and placed in a tomb. Three days later the tomb was found empty by his closes followers. Jesus had risen from the dead, he was seen by another multitude for the next 40 days. He ascended up to heaven where He has been seated at the right hand of the Father since, but before He left, He told us of the gift of the Holy Spirit who is now the gift of the Church age, who in-dwells believers and makes it possible to resist the temptations of the flesh and become more like Jesus. Jesus is still in heaven and we await his return as detailed in the Book of the Revelation eagerly.

Get to know Jesus, Pray, Read your Bible, study upon His word, fulfill the great commission, and Love, Love, Love, and when you feel tired, or like you cant love anymore, Love all the more.